Consignment Service

The Bag Hub is pleased to offer our trust worthy and credible services in helping you sell your luxury items. We will take care of everything from listing, marketing, advertising, and dealing with buyers to make the experience quick and effortless for you.


1) Get approval and a quote by sending us a photo of your items via viber or whatsapp. Send it to 09178386242
2) Include all details such as style, when and where bought, inclusions (cards, dust bags etc.), flaws, receipt (if still available), retail price and your selling price.

We accept base on the following criteria:

  • We only accept items that are 100% authentic, new or in gently used condition free of significant defects such as excessive wear, tears, cigarette or moldy odor, soiling or broken hardware. If an item has been restored, it must be declared by the owner and have been done so professionally.
  • We only sell High-end designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Celine, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Rolex and the likes.
  • Style or items must be saleable and not outdated
  • Priced reasonably and fair according to market value and condition. We hope that you are open about giving installment payments to increase the chances of selling the items.

Suggested Payment Terms:
2 gives payable in 30 days (advisable for items 15K and below)
3 gives payable in 2 months (16K to 40K)
4 gives payable in 3 months (50K and up)

Sample Schedule of Payments:
P18, 000 sold (sample amount only) and payment received in January 3
1st payment: 6,000 January 8
2nd payment: 6,000 February 8
3rd payment: 6,000 March 8

  • Please consider and make room for our mark up in pricing your items. Know that we will only post and sell for 4 weeks so give us your best competitive price.

3) Upon approval, we will email you a Consignment Form. Fill up all the details, print two (2) copies and provide a photocopy of valid IDs with current contact information.

4) Bring or send the items to us for authentication, assessment and final approval with the printed form, photocopies of ID and all inclusions of the items. Please schedule an appointment a day ahead. You may also opt to ship the item; all expenses will be shouldered by the owner.

Holding Period:
We will keep and take care of the items for minimum 4 weeks.
If the item doesn’t sell in 4 weeks from posting, we will notify and get your approval in putting it on clearance sale.
We will also contact you for price and payment term negotiations.

  • Utmost proper handling and storage will be given to your items but note that we will not be liable in damages brought by conditions beyond our control such as pipe burst and leaks, fire, natural disasters, or acts of God.
5) Payment:
  • All payments will be made in dated or post dated checks two weeks after the item has been confirmed sold.
  • For staggered payment, your check will be dated 7 days after the scheduled payment of buyer to allow enough time for bank clearing and collection.
  • Checks will be written to the seller’s full name reflected in the consignment form. We do not put “cash” in our checks.
  • All checks are for pick up only. We will contact the seller once it’s ready. We can also ship it at the owner’s expense.

Return of Unsold Items

  • All unsold items shall be returned and must be picked up 1 month after posting.Please wait for our notification of return and update on the status of the item.
  • Please contact us at least one (1) day before pick up for proper coordination. A storage fee of P50/day (per item) will be charged for item/s that has/have not been pulled out 1 week after being notified.
We can also ship it back to you provided that you will shoulder all expenses including insurance (optional) for the item. Damage or loss brought about by the courier will not be our liability.

Please inspect your items thoroughly and take note of the condition and flaws before you consign and upon receipt of the returned item.