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The Bag Hub - Consignment Shop PH

The Bag Hub is a local shop for designer goods, minus the ouch in your pouch, as owner, Maia, playfully proclaims. In December 2014, Maia has made luxury accessible for her fellow designer-crazed ladies when she set up shop at Shopwise Libis. The Bag Hub has also been making waves online before the eyes of thousands of followers, especially after the recent website launch in May. But behind all the glamour and glory, the shop's success roots from what Maia has been reaping since 2009—good reputation and good relationships.

Maia came from the television industry. She was 23 and a new mom when she realized her passion for designer bags. So a goal was set, women on a budget were in mind, and she became a mom-preneur. 

Her passion took her bags from her car to offices, banks, coffee shops, and doctors' offices. She's relentless, she puts her customers first, and does things from start to finish professionally. All these were constantly carried over along the way, thus good relationships flourished with her customers. Then came the desire to share this passion to more people, so she took it online where the designer fans are—on Facebook and Instagram.

Nothing else excited her clients more than seeing the items in person. Add to that the great deals and credibility that Maia delivers, the customers were then the ones paying her a visit for four years. Rounds and rounds of exciting and successful dealings, she realized that she can provide convenience on top of all the things she’s been delivering greatly. Maia was driven to finally put up a shop in Libis.

The Bag Hub - Luxury Bags Shop

And so with the help of Maia's labor, her consignors, and her staff, the shop has been evolving over time while remaining faithful to its roots since 2009. Up to 60% off the original retail and preorder services are just a few things offered that are too attractive for the ladies to pass up. 

If you love good deals on luxury items, whether you consign them or buy them, The Bag Hub is a one stop shop for these exact reasons. The Bag Hub is all about convenience, competitive prices, and of course, class. 

Book you appointment and visit our showroom located at The Grove by Rockwell, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines. Contact us today!